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Leave your Mac or PC behind. Find, create, edit, share, save and send files and documents located on Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and your Mac or PC. Create, edit and view Microsoft Office® files (Word® documents and Excel® spreadsheets) and present PowerPoint® presentations – all on your iPad.

Be more productivity in a native iPad workspace that lets you multitask with several files and storage locations open at once. Search and browse across your personal computer (Mac or PC) and cloud storage, for full remote access to your documents, images, PDFs and more, whenever you need to, in your own personal cloud. Need to connect to business files in the cloud? We now support Egnyte enterprise file sharing in addition to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

“The tabbed interface makes it possible to open more than one document or file at a time.” Gotta Be Mobile

“hopTo is a solid app with a clean and simple interface and an easy way of working with your online files.” CNET

“I found hopTo a quite useful app, and would recommend any user to install and use it on their iPad.” MacTrast

"The app presents your documents in a simple, tabbed interface that does allow you to open and work on two docs simultaneously -- a rarity in the one-task-at-a-time world of iOS.” TUAW

hopTo’s mobile workspace is an essential app for business professionals, students, or anyone with an iPad who wants unified access to all of their documents and files whether at work, home, school or on the go.

Have your Office even when you’re not in the Office with hopTo. Quickly and easily present slides, share photos and files, view, edit, and print personal and business documents in the cloud or on your computer. hopTo provides the ultimate in flexibility and efficiency on your iPad no matter where you are.

Key hopTo Features

• Cloud-based document editing; no PC/Mac required
• Multitasking interface with multiple files in tabs (work on multiple files at once)
• Create and edit Microsoft Word and Excel files
• Copy and paste between Microsoft Excel/Word files
• Search across your cloud storage and PC or Mac
• Unified view of all your files (PDF, Office, photos and graphics)
• Innovative iPad touch interface for Microsoft Excel/Word
• Connect your PC or Mac, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Egnyte all together in one place
• Access to Egnyte Enterprise File Sharing
• Access any document or file on your Windows PC remotely
• Manage and share files and documents
• Present PowerPoint presentations
• Office native fonts
• Send files and documents via email
• Full Microsoft Office® 2010 compatibility


• iOS 6.0 and newer
• Internet connection

When accessing your Windows computer remotely

• Windows XP SP3 and newer

When accessing your Mac computer remotely

• Mac OS X 10.8 and newer

Be more productive with hopTo!
Twitter: twitter.com/hopTo
Facebook: facebook.com/hopTo

Visit the hopTo Help Desk to access the knowledge base and community forum for tips or submit a question https://support.hopto.com

Lo nuevo en la versión 2.2.6

• Mac OS X File Connector
• Egnyte Enterprise File Sharing

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