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OmniPlan is designed to help you visualize, maintain, and simplify your projects. Break down tasks, optimize the required resources, and monitor your entire plan—all at a glance. Collaborate with your colleagues and share every detail, update a calendar with your days off, or mix and match. Accept and reject changes one-by-one or all in one go. OmniPlan provides features like Gantt charts, schedules, summaries, and milestones to let you manage all of your activities. OmniPlan helps you manage projects that are as simple or complex as you need them to be—without the complexity.


• Publish & Subscribe: Stop, collaborate, listen. Make changes to your project and see those from your collaborators with syncing; customize your availability and have your colleagues' calendars update instantly. Email the Gantt chart to others as PDF, or send them task lists as HTML.

• Change Tracking: Use change tracking to keep tabs on and review the changes you've made in your project so far. If you're syncing, use change tracking to review, browse, and then accept or reject changes (task by task or en masse) from your collaborators.

• Friendly Interface: We designed OmniPlan to help you spend your time on more worthy pursuits than trying to figure out how to use project management software. OmniPlan's intuitive approach helps you get things done and stays out of your way while doing so.

• Efficient resource allocation: With OmniPlan's resource management, you can identify bottlenecks in your project and distribute workloads fairly and efficiently.

• Visual timelines: The Timeline (or Gantt Chart) view of your project displays activities in a calendar. Durations for each task are shown graphically in a time-phased diagram by day, week, month, quarter, or year. The Gantt view shows task start and stop times, dependencies, resources, or resource usage by task, all on a timeline. You can visually edit tasks and create dependencies (where a certain task can't begin unless another has finished) by dragging and connecting them in the Gantt view. OmniPlan's graphical display of your project's information helps you quickly assess status and proactively manage deadlines.

• Violations: If your schedule has a logical impossibility – for example, the scheduled start date for a task occurs before the project start date – OmniPlan displays a violation window, with an explanation of the problem and suggestions of possible solutions (and links that automatically resolve the violation).

For video tutorials and other information, please visit our website!


If you have any feedback or questions, we'd love to hear from you! The Omni Group offers free tech support: you can reach us by email at, by phone at 1-800-315-6664 or +1 206-523-4152, or on twitter at @omniplan.

Thank you!

Lo nuevo en la versión 1.3

OmniPlan 1.3 adds localizations, fixes bugs, and improves performance and usability. Syncing OmniPlan for iPad 1.3 documents to the Mac requires OmniPlan 2.3 for Mac:

• Added localizations for French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, and Russian. Updated Japanese.
• Added crash reporting.
• Fixed incorrect dates when changing a project from Undetermined to Specific dates.
• Fixed issue where change tracking would report a negative number of conflicts.
• We've added support for 'start no later than' and 'end no earlier than' constraints. The old constraints are referred to as 'start no earlier than' and 'end no later than'.
• Milestones no longer get pushed from the end of the day to the beginning of the next.
• Corrected double accounting of group assignment total cost.
• The Changelog file that supports plan syncing is now consolidated more frequently, improving sync times.
• Dependencies connected to the end of task groups create intractable scheduling situations and are no longer supported. Such dependencies will be removed from old files and a temporary issue will be added to the group.
• Added UI to control resource leveling behavior: "Constrain to Future" and "Allow Splitting".
• When leveling assigns tasks to resources in a group assignment, it no longer has floating point rounding errors resulting in "< 1% of 100%", for example.
• Leveling is now typically about 50% faster.
• Modifying assignments on fixed duration tasks no longer alters the task duration.
• Fixed an error managing automatic task splitting and rejoining during leveling.
• PDF files should now typically be about 35% smaller. The shading in Gantt bars should appear smooth and seamless.

We love hearing from you! You can reach us by tapping Contact Omni in the gear menu (found in the document browser), sending email to, tweeting to @OmniPlan, or calling 1-800-315-OMNI or +1 206-523-4152.

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